Airline: China Southern

Aircraft: Airbus Industrie A330

Flight: Melbourne to Guangzhou (return)

Class: Business

Pros: In business class the seating is 2:2:2 and everyone has their own pods. The seat turns into a lie flat angled bed which is fine but some people do not like sleeping at the angle and slip down. The cabin crew tried to be very helpful and there is an unlimited amount of food (each service had 7 dishes!!) The amenities kit contains moisturizer, eye-shades, earplugs.

Cons: A lack of choice in drinks (only spirit available was vodka, if you pushed). The wine on offer, like the coffee, is barely drinkable and there is a lack of western movies on the entertainment system (the “blockbusters” were a few years old).  There are no sleeper suits offered.

Overall the experience was good, as long as you know what to expect, but the airline has a way to go to be in the same league as Emirates or Singapore Airlines, but their fares also reflect this difference. [slideshow]

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