welcome to the don't forget travel group

We are a boutique travel agency specialising in custom trips to destinations all around the world. Our team are seasoned travellers who love to share knowledge, experiences and tips to get the most out of your next holiday.

Our Team

Andrew Sullivan


Andrew loves to travel and share his knowledge and experience.  Andrew loves exploring new destinations, but Greece is his all time favourite country. Having lived and worked in Greece, and explored all over the mainland as well as visited over 30 islands, his knowledge of this country is unrivalled. 

Caroline Hockney

Travel Advisor

Caroline has travelled extensively and after a period of living in the UK she has an in-depth knowledge of this region. 



Trevor is our silent partner but watches everything we do. Trevor loves the exotic…and skiing.


Because we plan bespoke holidays that are designed specifically for you, we like to meet and discuss many things such as where you want to go, what you like to to do, the style of holiday you like, your preferred pace of holiday, what activities you like, your interests and hobbies as well as your budget. This way we can tailor the vacation to your needs rather than letting a packaged holiday make you change to fit in with their parameters. 

We believe that we add value to your holiday by having access to properties or experiences that the public do not. We have travelled extensively and have first hand knowledge on so many destinations that we can take any anxiety of booking blindly yourself. Even if we haven’t personally experienced a destination, we can call upon our extensive network to get that knowledge.  We liken it to a jigsaw puzzle, we look at the overall picture – we take all the individual pieces and and make sure they fit in the correct places to make a perfect picture. 

Our goal is to make sure you get the best holiday as well as the best value for money. We work for you, not the suppliers, so we search all of our suppliers to source the best prices available. We love it when you give us a budget so that we know what the parameters are that we have to work with. 

Many suppliers pay us a small commission for booking their products…so we only get paid when we book things on your behalf.

Because we spend a lot of time researching and crafting your perfect holiday we do charge a $200 upfront, non-refundable planning fee. Many hours are spent talking to suppliers, hotels, airlines, tour operators, transfer companies, ferry companies, sorting train schedules etc just so that you have a seamless, stress-free vacation. 

Yes, you can. If you just want to use us for our extensive knowledge and planning skills, that’s fine by us. For the small $200 fee you can have access to all of our brain-power.  We would argue though, that if you allow us to do all the work for you, we will save you time and money and a whole lot of anxiety. 

This is the biggest benefit of using a travel agent. We are there to help and assist and advise you when things go awry. If there is an issue with the hotel, we can help sort it out through our suppliers. If a flight gets cancelled, we can help you through the labyrinth of airline bureaucracy to get you on your way. Our interest in your trip does not cease as soon as you have walked out the door. 

Yes, we are a member of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) and a proud participant in the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme (ATAS)