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Singapore Girl, you’re a great way to fly. This slogan has been around for a long tme, but it still holds true – especially if you are flying in Business Class on a Singapore Air A380. Everyone should experience this at least once in their life.

The Don’t Forget Travel Group had the opportunity recently, flying from Sydney to Paris. No one likes these long haul flights, but if you can do it in style, it certainly makes a big difference.


While their lounge at Sydney airport may not be the best going round, it is light and bright and has the refreshments you expect in an airport lounge. Any sense of “average” is automatically blown away as soon as you board.

The Business Class seats are massive! Two people can fit in the one seat as you can see. The downside to having such a large seat is that you need to decide if you want to sit on the left side or the right side!!!! As expected there is a lot of leg room and there is even a foot stool. The seats are in a hard-shell cocoon so no matter what the passenger in front wants to do, it wont impede on your comfort.

Another of the creature comforts is the food – it should be called supreme cuisine. As if the extensive menu doesn’t offer enough choice there is always the “Book The Cook” option that will allow you to pre-choose from an even more extensive menu. Not all Agents know about this, so if you want to experience Book The Cook, then give us a call. I also has some of the best coffee on this flight – even better than many I had in Paris.

When you’ve had enough of the amazing service, just ask one of the flight attendants to turn your seat into a fully lay-flat bed. The back of the seat folds forward to form a proper bed, complete with doona and pillows. You do sleep at a sideways angle, but this shouldnt worry anyone.

The seating plan of the cabin is 1-2-1 which means that everyone has access to an aisle.

Because the flight was so comfortable I didn’t get a chance to get photos of the whole experience so here is the official video from Singapore Air


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