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Happy Australia Day…..here’s mash up of songs


Did you come to watch the Tour Down Under,
Thru the Vales and twice up Willunga,
Did ya watch, did ya watch them chunder?
Your lycra’s split, you better take cover.

(to the tune of Land Down Under)


I love sunburnt back knees,
A night of screaming pain,
Of bursting mounting blisters,
Of flooding tears that rain.

(to the tune of I Love A Sunburnt Country)


In the beer-garden we sit,
The Winny Blues we’d breath,
We’d watch Jacko crack onto the bar girl,
Laugh and think, Shaza will kill ya

(To the tune of Sounds of Then (This Is Australia)


I’m a happy little bogan,
as bogan as bogan can be,
We all enjoy a beer and pie,
For breakfast, lunch and tea

(To the tune of Sounds of Im a Happy Little Vegemite)



Once I thought, Sydney seemed too far.
Drove a Holden car.
Baby that was years ago.
I left it all behind.
Had an industry, I let it die,
On cheap imports it was crucified.
Baby that was years ago.
I left it all behind, for my
Cheap goods from only three-days work
Cheap clothes, only three-day post
Come-on, retail, come-on

(To the tune of Cheap Wine)


Tie me flag around my neck, mate
Tie me flag around my neck,
I’ll use it as a cape, mate
I’ll use the flag as a cape.
You should do it too, Roo
You should do it too.

(To the tune of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport)


your shout

I’ve had one, but plan on many
All the beers on earth, plus some
We shout a round and sing with one voice:
I bought, he bought, we’re waiting on your turn

(To the tune of I Am, You Are, We Are Australian)

oi oi

Australian’s all yell loud with voice,
For we say “OI” times three.
In summer we boil; damn car leaks oil
Our home is girt by mozzies

(To the tune of Advance Australia Fair)


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrjZi7WIAOw&w=420&h=315]

Happy Straya Day!


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