The world of travel has changed dramatically in the last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has come to a screaming halt.

There is a very, very weak pulse ….

The travel industry was running along quite nicely this financial year, with many agents were discussing how buoyant the industry was. But we have now buckelled up and preparing for the ride of our lives.

While the industry has shut down, as a travel agent, we are still extremely busy. Busy trying to get Australians home, or ex-pats back to their country, at a time where borders are being closed and airlines are shutting down services daily and what flights are still operating, seat availability is difficult to get, and at a premium. This has been a white-knuckle ride, but extremely rewarding.

Busy trying to cancel our clients impending travel and trying to rebook for the future dates at a time where suppliers are only working on immediate departures.

Busy working through refunds and credits for clients.

Busy doing new bookings. Oh wait, that’s what I wish we were doing.

Andrew Sullivan, Director of The Dont Forget Travel Group, has posted an update called the state of “The Don’t Forget Travel Group” address to the nation……

What originally felt like “just a travel issue”, has now broadened out to reach every facet of society. No business has been left untouched. No person has been left untouched (figuratively as social distancing is now the norm).

It’s important to adhere to the medical advice and regularly and properly washing your hands with soap and water and practice social distancing.

And, as much as it pains a travel agent to say this…..

“Please stay at home”

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